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Web Design Prices


Miscellaneous edits and updates ($25 minimum)


Adding plugins or extensions to existing website such as ecommerce, community forums, classifieds, newsletters, directories, etc.

$999 - Content Management Sites (CMS) - Joomla or Wordpress


Now CMS sites have become the most popular type of site to have. The best thing about CMS sites is that they can be updated as often as you like. You have the ability to add, edit and delete pages anytime, and the number of pages you can have is unlimited.  I am a Joomla and Wordpress expert. Joomla and Wordpress are one of the most widely used open-source CMS software systems out there and is constantly being updated and improved upon.

The initial design fee includes:

  • Full, complete design, links, text, pictures and adding up to 5 pages for you.
  • One hour training to teach you how to update the site yourself
  • I'm on call whenever you need to go over anything.

Features Included in the basic CMS:

  • Unlimited pages and categories
  • Easy user interface enables you to add, edit and delete pages and categories
  • Can add extensions such as blogs, shopping carts, etc.
  • Email-a-friend
  • Easy upload images features onto pages
  • Polls/Surveys - Can put a different one on each page
  • Banner management
  • Newsfeed
  • Gallery

Extra Features you can add:

  • Classified Ads
  • Directories
  • and more.


What's a blog - its simply a very interactive site that one or more people write articles and let people comment about. Usually it's updated daily, sometimes several times a day. Blogs can be used for personal insights and thoughts, or become very professional and targeted to earn income. I specialize in Wordpress, one of the most widely used blogging open-source programs on the web.

Features Included:

  • Password Protected posts
  • Cross-blog communication tools: trackbacks and pingbacks
  • comments
  • spam protection
  • easy importing
  • multiple authors
  • intelligent text formatting
  • full user registration
  • unlimited categories and depth

Extra Features:

  • Hundreds of additional plugins for extra features such as newsletters, all in one SEO, automatic upgrades, Google XML sitemaps, RSS includes, and so much more.

$1499 - Content Management site with Shopping Cart

Joomla or Wordpress. State of the art ecommerce, custom designed for easy navigation, product display and purchasing. Works with most payment gateways,, paypal and more. You can configure shipping, quantity discounts and different attributes for products such as T-shirt sizes and colors.

Features included:

  • Unlimited products and categories
  • Gift Certificate
  • Discount Coupons
  • Extra Pages (privacy policy, shipping and handling policy, about us page, etc.)
  • Automatically figures tax and shipping
  • In store pickup or delivery choice
  • Easy administration panel
  • Banner system for advertisers
  • Featured Products
  • Newsletter Manager

$350 New Design for Existing Sites

Create a new template for existing sites. New layout, colors, fonts, footer and header area.

$150 and up for transferring Existing Sites to MonsterWebz Servers

Move your entire site to MonsterWebz Hosting servers. Starts at $150, depending on size of website.

$350 Joomla Upgrade

Complete migration to the current stable Joomla release, includes minor redesign, all content, pages, links, etc. up and running on the new site. Please read this article concerning upgrading for more information.

Call me today to schedule your upgrade! 530-370-5122

$450 Custom Design for Website Builder, Quick BlogCast and Quick Shopping Cart

The Website Builder program offers you the chance to build your own site, but if you want more customization so your site reflects your logo and color schemes then I offer my design services to set this up and build a unique site for you.

These types of sites are offered through the MonsterWebz Sales site that has quick and easy templates that you can set up yourself. Click here for more info.


Printed Media Design*

$25 minimum
1-sided 2-sided
Ad Design min rate  
Business Cards min rate 1 hour min
Flyers 1 hour min 1.5 hours min
Brochures (3-fold)   2-5 hours
Postcards 1 hour min 1.5 hours min
Posters 1 hour min 1.5 hours min

 *prices are for design only, extra charges for actual printing